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We develop dynamic, cost effective, great looking and easy to use websites for companies and institution. We keen to interest to help any businesses establish and improve their image in web presence.


Website Design

Extendible CMS features : You can add, delete, show, and hide many features that are suitable for your website using CMS. Our CMS developed with the knowledge and experience of last few years is feature rich and very easy to use.

Menu Driven : Users can create menu and sub menu ourself using our powerful CMS.

Search Engine Optimization : We develop web pages which are XHTML and CSS compliant, standards set by W3 Consortium; which means, these pages are search engine friendly. We assure you that your website will appear in major search engines like google, yahoo and msn under relevant search keyword within weeks.

Website Template : We will design you a website template to your color and layout choice which will accommodate all the features you want to have in your web site.

Basic Features

Home Page : Summary of your website with links to jump to different sections of your website. 

About this site : You can place text and pictures of Introduction, Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Objectives, Working Strategy, Structure and anything you wish to place in this category.

Members : You can place past and present executives committees and members. Each entry can contain Name, Position, Photo, Description.

Downloads : You can place any files you want the visitors of your website to download with description.

Ad Banners : If you wish to place paid ad banners of your clients or just some informative banners to the left, right, top or bottom section of your website. You can place text or image banner which may link to external URL or to a page inside your own web sites or to a lager banner. Apart from this, our Ad Banners system also supports Google Ad Sense with which you can make money.

Contacts and Location : Last but not the least; you can manage your contacts and location map very effectively. Phone numbers, Emails and Contact persons for departments, franchises may change periodically. 

Standard Features

News and Events : You can update news and events concerning your objectives as soon as they happen. You can also post the notices for visitors.

Photo Gallery : We have one of the most advanced and recent photo gallery management systems. You can create as many photo galleries as you wish. Each photo gallery can have several related pictures. As for example, you can create a photo gallery like: General Assembly and place several pictures of this assembly with captions.

Newsletter : This might be one of the most valuable features of your web site. With our Newsletter system, you can collect or add yourself emails and mass mail them in Normal text or HTML formats. There is also an interface to create HTML email, which is compatible to major email applications like Hotmail,Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook etc.

Articles : Apart from news you can also place articles like general articles, views, interviews, features, etc. You can also allow the visitors of you web site to comment on these articles or rate these articles, if you desire to do so, with a click of your mouse!

Related Links : You might want to link to your partners or put informative links in your website for the convenience of your visitors. With our CMS you can easily add links with descriptions and also categorize them into several groups.

Enhanced Features

FAQ : If you put Frequently Asked Questions about your products and services or your purposes, you can save a lot of time both of yourself and your website visitors. We have an intuitive FAQ section in our CMS which allows you to add FAQs in your website.

Audio / Video Gallery : You can create your own Audio/Video Library. For this you can have two approaches. You can either place all your videos in your own web space, which is going to be costly, or you can create an account and upload your videos to free video publishing services provider and link to those video from your site, which is cost effective.

Password Protected Articles : There might be some articles like your meeting minutes, personal messages or special articles for which membership is mandatory, which you wish only the members of your website or only certain person or only a certain group of people could view. You can easily restrict the articles that you post to your web site as public or private and set permissions.

Blog / Discussion Forum : In this category you can initiate blog/discussions and other can respond to this discussion topic. The initial postings and the responses can all be moderated, i.e. can be viewed only when you set permission.


  • Easy to edit Website
  • Dynamic Design
  • Content Management
  • Social Media Integrated

Basic Features - 10,000/-
Standard Features - 15,000/-
Enhanced Features - 25,000/-

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